"I have been in the foodservice business for over 20 years and of all the changes and new equipment to come along during that time, PanSaver® pan liners are by far the best inventions yet. The liners are more cost effective than a dishwashing machine."

- Linda, Caterer, Frederick, OK

 “PanSaver® Pan Liners are terrific!! I cook a breakfast buffet at a resort and used to spend hours afterwards scouring and cleaning the steam table pans. Now, I simply gather up the liner and dispose of it. No more scrubbing and scouring. They don't tear or get cut as people are serving themselves. I highly recommend them!”

- G. Winwood, Amazon Verified Purchase

 “We use PanSaver® Pan Liners every Wednesday night for our weekly church family dinner. They are such a time saver with cleanup! We used to dread scrubbing scalloped potato pans, but now cleanup is a breeze. They're well worth the cost!”

- K. S., Amazon Verified Purchase

“As a caterer, we have the tedious job of preparing many dishes that require heavy cleanup afterwards. We use PanSaver® Oven Bags for the preparation of any deep pitted meat, or oven prepared turkey – any meat that you want to remain moist and delicious. It works the same as the oven bags you can buy in the grocery store for at least twice the price. We highly recommend PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners and Oven Bags to anyone that loves to cook, but hates to clean up!”

- M. Uchita, Amazon Verified Purchase

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